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Where Words Fail, Music Speaks. 
                                                        - Hans Christian Anderson


Music is my passion... Since 1985 I have studied and audited music appreciation classes at Auburn University Montgomery, Huntingdon College, and Alabama State University. I have studied in depth, opera, classical music and music theory. My most recent work was teaching classes at Houston Love Memorial Library and the Cultural Arts Center in Dothan, Alabama.
I am dedicated and persistent. This is a passion I truly enjoy. Scott Gamble /Musicologist


My most recent work... Vinyl To CD Service
Have your old vinyl records professionally transfered to CD. Let GMP&A preserve your special record by making a custom CD from your personal copy. A digital recording of your record will be made using a professional grade "digital turntable." (not to be confused with USB turntables or cheap "transfer" services) Our unique multi-step process includes removing clicks, pops and surface noise without damaging the integrity of the original recorded sounds, frequency range and dynamics. Each track is edited manually, named and individually normalized. The result, your new CD will sound better than the record and you can enjoy it with the rest of your CD collection!
This will be a radio broadcast quality CD!

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Visit my blog for in depth stories of music research and interviews with composers.

Gamble Music Production & Archive is located in Columbia, Alabama.


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